Love is Poetry...Time to connect

February 10, 2012 12:43 pm


So I have been going hard on Saints Row 3 this week…I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon…This game is just over the top Ridiculous in the best way possible…I recall the hype about GTA when it first dropped and then all the sequals after.  I tried to get into it but there was just something about the game I just didn’t care for…The driving was a bit much for me back then…I was still use to playing games like Zelda or Street Fighters I couldn’t get the whole driving around a city stealing cars and beating up people…Well, I don’t know if I learned to appreciate this genre of games or if my mind over the years has warped into something Twisted but I’m loving Saints Row 3…The aim was different from playing other Shooter games but now that’s like second nature…Being able to build a car collection of whatever car my little heart my desire or being paid to jack a Hot-Rod from some working fool makes me smile! I have spent the last 3 nights playing for at least 2hrs…I know you hardcore Gamer’swill say oh that’s nothing, but I have a wife, a kid, a dog, a job and a business to run, so being able to get in 2hrs of game play on a work night is wonderful in my world…However, I do find myself doing things early on the weekends so I can have hours to just sit and play XBOX!!!!

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